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The magic of theatre is its ability to transport us beyond familiar dimensions in which we daily reside and instead, to make emotional and sensory connections which challenge us to truly think with our whole being, not just our minds. It’s these imaginative experiences that initiate a new idea to an audience and allow it to percolate.  “It is by logic that we prove, but by intuition that we discover,” wrote the physicist Henri Poincaré. Theatre from a Christian worldview, when executed with excellence, nudges this intuitive sense. It nourishes an interaction between the intellect and the Spirit to awaken the conscience. Sometimes a person is so convicted that their will is engaged and real life change begins to take place.


In a world where watered-down, leavened versions of the gospel are being taught to people who don’t even understand how desperately lost and wretchedly poor they actually are, the Drama Department at Beaverdam Baptist Church is committed to bringing the undiluted Truth to the stage. As with all ministries here at BBC, we are continuously amazed and grateful to watch as God skillfully equips those whom He calls to participate in this ministry, whether it is performing on stage or behind the scenes building sets, gathering props, sewing costumes, or working with the technical team on sound and lights. Before every performance, we remind our team that we are performing for an Audience of One. We do not seek to entertain— although we certainly don’t object to a few laughs here and there— our purpose is to serve God by making ourselves empty vessels through which He may allow His Spirit to move so that lives may be changed for His glory.


Anyone with a heart willing to serve God, desiring to bring glory to His name and make Him famous, is welcome to participate in this ministry. Please contact Tracie Adams at for more information.

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