Proverbs 25:25 says, “Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.” We have the good news of Jesus Christ and Acts 1:8 tells us to carry it to the world. We don’t just carry it to our neighbors, or only the nations, but both. Jerry Rankin writes in Spiritual Warfare and Missions, “any desire to evangelize that causes someone to focus only on their own type of people is the greatest hindrance to the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic vision of God.” He also writes, “The Holy Spirit with incredible centrifugal 

Acts 1:8

 force would thrust them (all disciples) outward. The same Holy Spirit who drew them into the kingdom would send them to the nations.” Jim Slack helps provide a proper understanding of Acts 1:8, “to see Acts 1:8 as ‘my own kind first’ would run the risk of committing Jonah’s ethnocentric sin over again.” We try to reach people by asking everyone at BBC to pray for, to give to, and to go and tell our neighbors and the nations the Gospel of Jesus Christ. BBC’s missions ministry is about going beyond, about crossing the line in order to advance the interests of God’s kingdom in our world. Our missions ministry is committed to providing opportunities for you to place yourself in a context where you will see God work in and through your life in new and exciting ways.